Alabama vs Ohio State 2021: Tide rolls into the 18th National Championship behind a record-breaking attacking blast

Alabama vs Ohio State 2021: Tide rolls into the 18th National Championship behind a record-breaking attacking blast

Alabama No. 1 returned to the top of the mountain of college football, rolling to the eighteenth national title in the program’s history with a dominant win 52-24 over Ohio State No. 3 in the 2021 College Football National Championship. The unbeaten Crimson Tide was unbeaten by a score of 13-0 and undisputed for most of the season, positioning itself in a special light even among the six National Championship winning teams on the show for playing Nick Saban.

The passing of several stars highlighted a crime they had a lot to replace with, but quarterback MacJones, who was backing off survivor Harris and especially Heisman Trophy Devonta Smith, more than answered the call as they led one of the best offenses in Alabama history and appeared in Biggest game of the year with 621 yards offensive gross. 52 points is the most points Alabama has ever scored in a national title match and the most in a Crimson Tide Bowl since 1953.

Smith was nearly unstoppable, scoring 12 goals in his first 13 goals for 215 yards and three touchdowns before leaving the game with a hand injury. Jones also got a little banged as well but he still finished with 464 yards and five touchdowns at 36 of 45.

Harris, who, like Smith, was one of the few current Alabama players to feature on the team during his most recent national title career, had a multi-purpose machine within 178 yards of melee (79 lunks, 79 throws) and three total touchdowns.

Ohio entered the game with a slice on its shoulder brewed during weeks of doubt regarding their status as one of the best teams in the country. Playing less matches than those on ACC and SEC drew a lot of criticism and criticism from the Buckeyes working group, but most of those questions were silenced in a dominating victory over Clemson in the Sugar Bowl semi-finals to book a spot on Monday night. Title game. There were noticeable setbacks, such as starting to run back Trey Sermon leaving the game after driving one with an injury and not having many players (some of them a result of the COVID-19 protocol), but the unbalanced score was more a reflection of Alabama’s distance from the rest. Of sports in the 2020 season.

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1. Ohio’s absence was notable, and it was not a game-changer

Even before Sermon was injured, Team Buckeyes had started to take on nose Tommy Togiai, and they started defensive finish Tyreke Smith and main player Blake Haubeil among the 13 players listed in the availability report. Having two prime-line men wasn’t helping Alabama attack co-ordinator Steve Sarkissian with Smith in the first half, but these are the key pieces of what was an outstanding defense and an important body in rotation that was in demand as Alabama the number of play continued to rise in the second half.

Sermon, who set a school record with over 500 yards flowing across two rounds at the Big Ten Championship and Sugar Bowl, sustained a first quarter injury and was unable to return to the game. His replacement, Mr Tej, was strong enough, as he scored two goals.

The final total might not reflect that, but this was a two-tier game in the middle of the third quarter and it would have been a great comeback if Buckeyes could get some stops. After some low tide, the track returned and the result was not in doubt.

2. 2020 Tide joins the debate for the best team ever

One year after Joe Burrow and LSU made all college football question the Tigers’ ranking among the best offenses and best teams in college football history, Alabama promptly added an entry to that debate. The season total won’t match the Tigers with three fewer matches, but the averages and accolades are comparable.

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Smith was unique in ways that would surpass comparison at the team level, and so was Burrow during his similar transcendent season. The two teams will be discussed and compared for years to come, but what follows will be the fans’ tie-breaker at SEC West. Alabama may see a mass NFL exit on par with LSU a year ago – likewise losing a major offensive coach with Sarkissian to Texas – but it would be uncommon to see a big step back after this return to the top of the sport. Saban embraced modern attack and victory by beating your opponent with skill position talent. When the greatest coach in college football history gets caught up in innovation, it’s pretty much everyone’s getting wrapped up in the sport for a few years.

3. Leaving Ohio State points on the blackboard may cost her

Among the many “what ifs” for Ohio fans will be a few circumstantial decisions by Buckeyes during the Alabama attack that was the first half. Ohio fell off the 44-yard Alabama streak 14-7 early in the second quarter, but was saved by Jones’ subsequent tumble, giving Buckeyes a chance to score anyway. Later, they settled on a field goal from the 6-yard streak at the end of a nine-game round instead of going into the touchdown. After that, Ohio had three times in a row before he ended the game with the clock running out.

Buckeyes’ nonstop defense combined with Smith’s stunning first-half baseline dominated the conversation, but there were points where it seemed Ohio State could have taken more offensive stakes and were in better shape when it made its comeback efforts in the third quarter.

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