Aaron Glenn: The Lions’ defense looked flustered last year

Aaron Glenn: The Lions' defense looked flustered last year

USA Today

New Lions’ defense coordinator, Aaron Glynn, was unimpressed by the way defense played last year.

Glenn said that when he watches a movie for the Lions 2020 season, he sees a group of players who have the potential to play much better than they do – if they get better training.

“You have a bunch of athletes, you train them. Tell them what they have to do,” Glenn said.

Glenn said he and coach Dan Campbell agreed that the Lions’ defense looked flustered in 2020.

Glenn said: “When you look at the players, I think Dan said that, the players looked confused, I think I have no confidence.” “What we have to do is change that narrative in their thinking so that they can go out and play with confidence and play quickly. What we will do as a crew, this is our # 1 job, get players to play fast, trust them, and release these players. We don’t need a lot of thinking. There… we just want guys to understand, “What’s my job? Where should my eyes be, Coach? And what to do? They will go there and play fast and play with confidence. “

This isn’t exactly a blatant endorsement of former coach Matt Patricia and his crew, but it is an indication that Glenn doesn’t believe he’s putting in as long a rebuilding effort as some believe. Glenn thinks the Lions could be a better team, and it is his job to provide better training.

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