A seed-sized chameleon found in Madagascar may be the world’s smallest reptile Reptiles

Scientists said they discovered a sunflower seed-sized chameleon subspecies that may be the smallest reptiles on Earth.

Two miniature lizards, a male and a female, were discovered by the German Madagascar Expedition team in the north Madagascar.

The Bavarian State Group of Zoology in Munich said that the male Bruxia nana, or nano chameleon, has a body just 13.5 mm (0.53 in) long, making it the smallest of all the known species of 11,500 reptiles. The total length from nose to tail is just under 22 mm (0.87 in).

The research institute said that the female chameleon nanoparticles are much larger, with a total length of 29 mm, adding that scientists have been unable to find other samples of the new subspecies “despite great efforts.”

The species’ closest relative is the slightly larger Brookesia micra, whose discovery was announced in 2012.

Scientists assume that the lizard’s habitat is small, as is the case for similar subspecies.

“Unfortunately, the habitat of the nanoscale chameleon has been subjected to deforestation, but the area has recently been put under protection, so the species will survive,” said Oliver Holitschk, a scientist at the Natural History Center in Hamburg.

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