A re-recording of Taylor Swift’s love story sells for 10,000 in the US on Day One

Taylor Swift

On February 11th, Swift Advertise She re-recorded her 2008 album fearless, Like Frightened (Taylor version)And that the updated lead song, “A Love Story (Taylor Version)” will be revealed that night. fearless Swift’s debut album became No. 1 on Billboard 200While “Love Story” was her second Billboard Hot 100 Top 10 hit. Since then, Swift has recorded seven more top-ranked albums, 27 of the top 10 songs over 100 songs.

As for the original version of “Love Story,” it sold around 200 downloads in the US on February 12th. In the week before the re-recording was released, the original was selling for a negligible amount in on a daily basis. During February 4, the original “Love Story” sold 6.13 million downloads in the United States

Records of old songs or albums are handled separately from the originals, with separate chart dates for each release. So, Frightened (Taylor version) And “A Love Story (Taylor Version)” will be charted separately from Swift’s original 2008 recordings of the album and song, respectively.

News of the February 12th broadcast activity of “A Love Story (Taylor Edition)” will be announced in the coming days.

And now, the radio “story” … As for the radio broadcast on its first day, “Love Story (Taylor’s version)” – which was not effectively promoted on radio stations – drew 144 plays on February 12 on 89 stations reporting to paintingAll genres, based on audience Radio songs Infographic, an amount that translates to 777,000 public impressions. Leading the way From that 144 play, 83 Correspondents had to Bob Airplay Chart 34 was running Adults On Air Pop A journalist and 12 were on Broadcast country Committee members.

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How does this play compare to the 2008 release?

The new set attracted more than double the number of plays on February 12, which recorded 67 plays yesterday in Radio Songz’s correspondents. Adult Contemporary Chart Correspondents accounted for 25 of these sessions, followed by Qatar Broadcasting Committee members who contributed 12.

While the new version attracted 777,000 public appearances on February 12, the original attracted 227,000.

Although “Love Story (Taylor’s Version)” is not actively promoted on the radio, instead, the promotion continues for three tracks. For various formats From the latest version of Swift’s LP software, forever. Willow 11-9 climbed onto the most recently released pop chart (dated Feb.13), becoming Swift’s 24th in the top ten on the list, expanding her record for the most female pop chart. She was also ranked 9 on the adult contemporary show and climbed 23-20 on Pop Airplay. Meanwhile, Coney Island, which portrays The National, is repeating at number 26 best on the alternative adult broadcasts, and “No Body, No Crime,” which features Haim, ranked 60th on country broadcasts.

The original single “Love Story” ranked # 2 on Radio Songs (and # 4 on the Billboard Hot 100 multi-gauge and genre charts). Country Airplay and Pop Airplay topped off and remains the only song to lead both lists. It also crowned adult contemporary film and rose to third place on popular adult broadcasting.

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