A powerful German editor, accused of misconduct, leaves

A powerful German editor, accused of misconduct, leaves

The author of the post said that the editor of Bild, the largest European newspaper and an influential force in German politics and society, took time off while a law firm was investigating the charges against him.

Julian Reichelt, editor, denies accusations of misconduct, Bild publisher Axel Springer said at statement. Springer said it did not have “clear evidence” of misconduct, but had appointed the law firm Freshfields to investigate the charges. They did not specify who they were.

The magazine published these accusations for the first time Spiegel, Which cited half a dozen female employees who worked for Bild and complained of coercion by Mr. Reichilt. Spiegel did not name the employees. The magazine said the women accused Mr. Reichelt of abusing his position in power and creating a hostile work environment, but it did not provide further details.

“To make sure that the investigation process can be seen through to the end without any inconvenience, and the editorial team can work without further burden,” Springer said, “Mr. Reichelt asked“ Axel Springer’s board of directors to dismiss him from his duties until charges are brought.

Springer said Alexandra Würzburg, editor of the Sunday edition of Bild newspaper, would take over Mr. Reichiltt.

The #MeToo movement hit Europe with far less force than the US, and cases strong men That charges of misconduct against women dropped were relatively rare.

Germany and most of it European countries The identities of defendants are protected in legal proceedings, making it difficult for the media to report cases of harassment.

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The courts were often unsympathetic. In 2019, Prof. French court The leader of the equivalent state of the #MeToo movement has ordered compensation payments to a former TV manager she had accused of coming to her with rudeness and insulting.

With 1.2 million copies in print, Bild is Europe’s largest newspaper, but like most publications it has suffered from a sharp decline in print readership. In 2011, the average daily print sales were 2.8 million, according to Newspaper website, And that was down from 4 million in 1965.

With its colorful graphics and its focus on scandal, celebrities and sports, Bild – meaning “photo” – is a popular daily newspaper in Germany. Readers deviate dhikr. Until 2012, Bild featured a photo of a topless woman on the front page every day, and continues to post semi-nude “Bild Girls” photos online.

Unlike the UK’s right-wing tabloid, Bild is relatively nonpartisan, but nonetheless in its view, with an aggressive tabloid style despite it being printed as a broadcaster. Due to Bild’s arrival, the post is often the post that prominent political figures use to communicate with voters, give exclusive interviews or exciting leaks.

Mr. Reischilt, 40, a former war reporter who became editor-in-chief of Bild in 2017 has often written: Opinion articles. He recently criticized what he said was the German government’s mismanagement of the pandemic crisis. He complained earlier this month that authorities had fined joggers for not wearing masks while the federal and state governments had mistakenly introduced the vaccines.

Axel Springer, the parent company of Bild, is one of the most prominent media companies in Europe. Springer also owns Welt, a German daily newspaper; Business Insider’s news website; And Politico of Europe. KKR, the private equity firm, owns 36 percent of Springer shares and holds three seats on the company’s nine-person supervisory board. Freddy Springer, widow of founder Axel Springer, remains a major shareholder and member of the board of directors.

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Springer said in a statement on Saturday that the investigation involving Mr. Reichilt will include “an assessment of the credibility and integrity of all parties involved”.

The publisher added: “Rumor-based prejudices are unacceptable to Axel Springer culture.”

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