A Netflix employee accidentally killed Nintendo’s live Zelda series

A Netflix employee accidentally killed Nintendo's live Zelda series

Over the years, video game fans have turned it into a crack in the rumor mill and moved on.

On February 1, 2021, on YouTube The Surf Times She published an interview with Adam Conover Adam destroys everythingConover is dropping some gossip from his time College humor In 2010. Twitter user Embed a Tweet It first summoned the exciting pieces:

Seemingly , College humor He was planning to incorporate a clay skit Fox star And the Wonderful Mr. Fox, Even creator Zelda Shigeru Miyamoto came to the office to talk about the details. According to Konover, the project was canceled after about a month, and his boss asked what happened.

Conover recalled his boss saying, “Oh, someone at Netflix leaked something out of the Legend of Zelda. They weren’t supposed to talk about it. Nintendo freaked out … and they pulled it all off. They pulled the plug for the entire show to adapt this stuff.”

So, the Zelda Netflix live series was really real.

Nintendo is known for protecting its IP address, and it doesn’t easily grant its privileges to third parties, which is one of the reasons the Zelda Netflix rumors are so big. According to Conover, a Netflix leak has pushed the company into its shell.

There is an audience hungry for video game-related content on Netflix, as evidenced by CastlevaniaAnd the vampire And the My voice Animated shows and The live Witcher game And the Japanese comics Series. With Zelda celebrating its 35th anniversary this year, it would be appropriate for Nintendo to give Netflix – or any other streaming service – another chance. We’ll believe it when we see it, though.

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