A lawsuit has been filed against Sony for failing to respect warranty agreements for defective PS5 consoles

A lawsuit has been filed against Sony for failing to respect warranty agreements for defective PS5 consoles

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Sony Facing prof Class action As I mentioned Failure to respect warranty agreements for PlayStation 5 consoles with obvious “deviation” flaws.

In a complaint filed in the Southern District of New York on February 12, the Japanese conglomerate was accused of violating consumer fraud laws and violating warranty agreements related to PS5 DualSense Wireless The controllers, which the suit claims have a distinct defect allowing characters to drift across the screen even when the user does not move the controller joystick.

Lmarc Turner, lead plaintiff included in the complaint, claims this It is straightforward Experienced a Drift problem with console after taking PS5 home In early February. But after contacting customer service, Turner was reportedly left with some lame advice about troubleshooting a defective console and not much in the way of help.

Recently, “[g]Because his experience with contacting Sony the first time did not satisfactorily address the drift issue, “Turner bought Another DualSense controller for $ 69.99 a few days later, however “king [he] He was aware of the drift defect before purchasing his PS5 otherwise he wouldn’t have bought a PS5, or would have paid much less for it,The complaint says.

The lawsuit also claims that Sony had to know how prevalent Drift issue has been given, in particular Consumer complaints online, complaints that consumers bring to him directly, and through his pre-release testing. ”

The complaint says: “This defect significantly interferes with gameplay, and thus compromises the basic functionality of the DualSense controller.”

DualSense controllers released side by side PS5 In November with a great fanfare after the pre-order sale Pretty much all over the place.

The lawsuit calls for Sony to release the Free recall or exchange program to replace defective controllers for all class members, as well as calls Damage payments must be paid Consumers for compensation they To purchase new consoles or any other devices Out of pocket money to repair the alleged defect.

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