A Jeep Super Bowl commercial has played Springsteen on the strings of American hearts

A Jeep Super Bowl commercial has played Springsteen on the strings of American hearts

New pocket Super Bowl commercialChampionship “Al Sharq” Bruce Springsteen And a 1980 CJ-5, It premiered during the last quarter of the Super Bowl LV, and is typical of the auto industry Big game ads. That is to say, it is ambitious and mobile, with an emerging message revolving around our identity as a nation and as people rather than about the business of selling cars and trucks.

The long-running ad was filmed over the course of five days in late January, and it features rockstar Springsteen at heart A commercial debut of his nearly 60-year career. The announcement is a two-minute chord urging a bitterly divided America to reconcile with itself, a call to action for the United States of America.

Ads focus on a church in Lebanon, Kansas, located in the geographic center of the Lower 48. “It is no secret … It has been difficult to get to the middle lately. Between red and blue. Between servant and citizen between our freedom and our fear,” the president says. Reading Springsteen’s voiceover like the lyrics of one of his songs is no accident. Stilants (Formerly known as Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) the artist was closely involved in writing and scoring.

At the same time as it celebrates its 80th anniversary, the long ad not only shows strings of the brand’s signature vehicles – mostly the 80 CT-5, but also an early 1965 version that appears in the background. An ad never appears as often as a new one Wrangler or The wrestler. Not showing a new model is an unusual deviation from the typical formula for new car ads, but the carmaker has driven this rare road before, and The Middle is arguably the most powerful for it.

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Once again, designed by Olivier Francois, chief marketing officer of the automaker, this ad is no different in its patriotic ambition and border political appeal. Chrysler’s Halftime commercial in America Featuring Clint Eastwood, and FarmerWhich included a novel by the late radio personality Paul Harvey. By contrast, last year’s announcement achieved hard day, Which saw Bill Murray reprise his iconic cinematic performance, was a bit light but no less watchable.

“The Middle” aired in its full form for two minutes during Super Bowl itself, but will only live online after that. You can watch it here, right now.

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