A direct summary of the Fifth Day Finals

A direct summary of the Fifth Day Finals

2021 men’s top ten tournaments

The Big Ten Conference Championships concludes tonight, and it will be an electric ending. Indiana leads Michigan with 26.5 points and Ohio state 36.5 points, while Project Wolverines and Hoosiers score roughly the same amount of points in the tonight’s finals, including 1650 free points.

Michigan is expected to win by one point.

Watch closely, as this could drop to a single-digit margin eventually, just as it did when Louisville captured its first-ever crown last week, two points behind North Carolina. Swimmers who move from the bottom of the final match, or fall flat after holding a top seed in the final, make all the difference.

The race for fourth place will be tight as well, with Bordeaux Wisconsin and Northwest ahead, but Badgers and Wildcats have three miles each to Boilermakers. NU has 1/2/5 in tonight’s A / B / C Finals (not including the mile), Purdue 1/2/3 and Wisconsin 0/3/2, with Purdue 61.5 NU Head Points and 44.5 ahead of Wisconsin.

NU is expected to rise to fourth, ahead of Purdue by half a point and Wisconsin by just nine points.

Saturday evening heat sheets

100 FREE – Finals

  • Record of meeting Big Ten – 41.43, Blake Peroni (Indiana) – 2018
  • Big Ten Record – 40.83, Bowe Becker (Minnesota) – 2019
  • 2020 NCAA Call Time – 42.57
  • Defending champion: Bruno Blaskowicz (Indiana) – 41.88

Top 3

  1. Sim Andres (Ohio) – 42.24
  2. Nicola Asen (Purdue) – 42.31
  3. Hunter Armstrong, Ohio – 42.37

Team race is tight and energy tonight in a tumultuous Ohio. Conference crown, Ohio Sim Andres Just beat Nicola Asen Bordeaux at the wall, 42.23 to 42.31. Andreis adds to his equipment collection, winning 50 free runs the second night.

Buckeyes had two podium winners here, like Hunter Armstrong It scored 42.37 for third place, while Michigan scored Jos Burgess Tied for fourth place with IU freshman Tomer Frankel And his colleague River Wright, All three of them go 42.50.

Indiana Jack Franzmann He was seventh at 42.60, ahead of the Michigan freshman Cam Bell (43.14).

Final B went to freshman Wisconsin Andrew Benson (42.93), his best new life. In Final C, Michigan Freshman Pence Zapados He got up and exited the first lane to win at 43.39, ahead of the Northwestern Senior Robert Cecil (43.67) as both achieved the best results ever.

Michigan now has 30 points ahead of Indiana, while Hoosiers are 27 ahead of OSU. The Wolverines had a massive push here to overtake IU, scoring more than 100 points.

1650 Free Final – Provisional Finals

  • Big Ten Interview Record – 14: 29.25, Felix Opwick (Michigan) – 2017
  • Big Ten Record – 14: 22.88, Felix Opwick (Michigan) – 2017
  • 2020 NCAA Call Time – 14: 57.07
  • Defending champion: Felix Opwick (Michigan) – 14: 30.10
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Top 3

  1. Michael Brennegar (Indiana) – 14: 38.26
  2. Jake Mitchell (Michigan) – 14: 42.60
  3. Charlie Clark (Ohio) – 14: 45.24

Indiana Michael Brennegar She opened an early opportunity in the field, with a student at the University of Michigan Jake Mitchell Second sitting.

Brinegar did not calm down, and sprinted towards the Big Ten title at 14: 38.26, four seconds ahead of Mitchell, 14: 42.60. Brinegar was over ten seconds of his best, but time is still good for sixth place in the nation this year. Mitchell has given up over 15 seconds at his best and is now number 8 in the nation.

Another student, Ohio Charlie Clark, Has gone down a big time, from 15: 07.84 in high school to my crowning pose time of 14: 45.24. Clark is now the first Buckeye swimmer under 14:50 in the event, breaking the OSU record by more than five seconds.

In fourth place, Wisconsin Josh Danhauser He grabbed Badger’s key points in their team’s race for fourth place, where it was 14: 46.76.

In early heats, Michigan Will Roberts 14: 59.87 has been installed to lead the way to going swimming last with the World Cup Finals. He drove 1-2 with a teammate Danny Berlitz (15: 03.97) Between early temperatures, they were fast enough to take the fifth and seventh places in a row after the last heat wave.

In a tight race, he descended to the end in 4th Heat, Northwestern Senior Geoffrey Dormer Scramble over the past 150, splitting 26.9, 26.6 and finally 25.0 to land a freshman Minnesota Christopher the Great On the wall. Dormer was 15: 06.96 percent ahead of Nagy. Durmer dropped nearly nine seconds off his best of 2019, while Nagy destroyed his best of 15: 32.74. Dormer took eighth place in the final results.

Michigan clings to a 50-point lead, with Indiana only 19 points ahead of OSU with the mile finish. Purdue still ranked fourth, but they didn’t have any goalscorers in the event, so Wisconsin approached OneYou.

200 returns – the finals

  • Big Ten Meeting Record – 1: 38.89, Eric Rees (Indiana) – 2014
  • Big Ten Record – 1: 37.58, Tyler Clary (Michigan) – 2009
  • 2020 NCAA Call Time – 1: 41.49
  • Title holders: Gabriel Fantoni (Indiana) – 1: 40.31

Top 3

  1. Brendan Burns (Indiana) – 1: 39.37
  2. White Davis (Michigan) – 1: 40.68
  3. Jacob Steele (Indiana) – 1: 41.53

Brendan Burns He shot to the top spot, turning 48.49 at the 100 mark, and unlocking an even bigger advance at third place 50. Burns finished the summit with a big swim, making his debut under 1:40 with 1: 39.37 to move to # 5 in the nation this season. Teammate Jacob Steele I picked up the bronze, so it went 1: 41.53 in favor of the Hoosiers.

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New Personal Best Performance, Student from Michigan White Davis Split the Hoosiers, and hold a second 1: 40.68.

Ohio State Thomas Watkins (1: 41.70) and the state of Pennsylvania Michael Daly (1: 41.85) Both were under 1:42 as well, while the title holders were Gabriel Fantoni She gained over a second by prelims to finish sixth in 1: 42.42.

In Final B, Colin McDermott The Ohio State team scored a whopping 1: 41.81 win, using a strong underwater deflection from the last turn to grab the best heat time.

Michigan is still 41 points ahead, while Hoosiers appear to be clear from Buckeyes, ahead of OSU by 49. Down in the race for fourth place, Wisconsin how he pulled out now dead even with Purdue, with Northwestern falling 25 each.

200 Breasts – Finalists

  • Big Ten Meeting Record – 1: 50.30, Ian Finerty (Indiana) – 2019
  • The Top Ten Record – 1: 49.41, Max McHugh (Minnesota) – 2019
  • 2020 NCAA Call Time – 1: 54.03
  • Defending champion: Thomas Cobb (Michigan) 1: 51.44

Top 3

  1. Max McHugh (Minnesota) – 1: 50.93
  2. Paul Delakis (Ohio) – 1: 51.78
  3. Zain Bucks (Indiana) – 1: 53.18

Zane Baez From Indiana it came out like a rocket, pushing speed with 24.38 the first 50. The Bucks was 52.67 in 100, still ahead, but Minnesota Max McHugh And Ohio State Paul Delakis McHugh pulled up with him.

McHugh and Delakis run through the last turn, and McHugh added to his 100 Golden boobs with 1: 50.93, shaking up Ian Finnerty’s meeting record. McHugh moves up to second place in the country, Delakis 1: 51.78 good for fifth in the country.

Backes managed to pin it together for a bronze, dropping from prelims to go 1: 53.18, while OSU’s Jason Matthews (1: 53.71), Michigan Will Chan (1: 53.92) He also broke 1:54.

In the final, Northwestern went 1-2 with a Marcus Mock (1: 54.06), Kevin Houseman (1: 55.11) Both sophomores have achieved the best performance in their lives.

Heading into the final relay, Michigan remains locked in the title as long as it does not have a DQ, while Indiana remains safe in second place if they just legally finish the relay.

Wisconsin is now fourth, with a nine-point lead over Bordeaux, while Northwestern is only four points behind Purdue. Boilermakers should have the strongest 400 free releases, but they have to do about five better places than Wisconsin to reclaim fourth place.

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Now, the race is the eighth; Minnesota just overtook Iowa to finish eighth in the relay, but they are only 1.5 points ahead.

400 Free Relays – Temporary Finals

  • Big Ten Meet Record – 2: 48.29, Indiana – 2017
  • Big Ten Record – 2: 47.11, Indiana – 2018
  • NCAA-2 Auto Qualification Standard: 51.11
  • The Defending Champion: Indiana, 2: 48.43

Top 3

  1. Indiana – 2: 49.20
  2. Ohio State – 2: 49.32
  3. Michigan – 2: 49.66

Ohio, Indiana and Bordeaux came together in the 400 free-to-play final, as Bordeaux needed to finish five spots ahead of Wisconsin to regain fourth place.

Indiana took the win in the last round, finishing first with a score of 2: 49.20, taking 42 seconds from Tomer Frankel (42.68), Brendan Burns (42.60) and Jack Franzmann (42.16), while From Matthias Drop the second leg with a hammer (41.76). Ohio ranked second by a margin Sim Andres Blow up 41.66 in the second leg and Paul Delakis Anchoring at 41.98.

Michigan won the second competition, being 2: 49.66, by a large margin of 42.06, a school record from a sophomore. River Wright. They had 42 seconds across the board Pence Zapados (42.87), Cam Bell (42.47), Jos Burgess (42.26).

Purdue finished third in the finalists, going 2: 50.32, and they managed to defeat Wisconsin and regain fourth place, with the Badgers team finishing ninth. Nicola Asen It was 41.78 in the third second leg of the Boilermakers team while Nick Sherman He drove at 42.88 and Trent Bellini (42.77) and Ryan Lawrence (42.89) split also 42 seconds. Kettles set a big record in school with their efforts tonight.

Minnesota won one contest in 2: 54.37, but Iowa was the fastest in the heat after 2: 53.98. Iowa scores four more points than Minnesota there, as Northwestern finished between them, so Iowa regained eighth place in its last ten major leagues as a program.

In the last swim in Michigan as a program, Aidan Farley He led their relay at 42.93, a record in Michigan. He previously held it at 43.54 out of 100 Free B Finalists.

Team Results – Final

  1. Michigan – 1401
  2. Indiana – 1357
  3. Ohio State – 1322
  4. Bordeaux – 732
  5. Wisconsin – 729
  6. The Northwest – 722
  7. Pennsylvania – 619.5
  8. Iowa – 566.5
  9. Minnesota – 564
  10. Michigan State – 196

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