7 New Minutes of Terror: Watch NASA’s impressive Mars lander in this video

7 New Minutes of Terror: Watch NASA's impressive Mars lander in this video

NASA’s persevering probe is just a few days away from its daring seven-minute landing on the surface of Mars, where it will land on the most challenging terrain of the Red Planet mission.

On February 18th, persevere with the size of a car – the heart of NASA’s Mars 2020 mission – Will try to land Inside the Jizero crater which is 28 miles (45 kilometers) wide. The Entry, disembarkation and landing The EDL phase of the Mars mission is often referred to as the “Seven Minutes of Terror,” because the sequence is extremely horrific and occurs much faster than the radio signals reach Earth from Mars. This means that the spacecraft will become on its own once it enters the Martian atmosphere – and a new video from NASA shows how the spacecraft will achieve such an amazing feat.

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