60 Minutes made Ron DeSantes the favorite of 2024: Joe Concha

60 Minutes made Ron DeSantes the favorite of 2024: Joe Concha

The 60 minutes Report on Florida Republican Gov. Ron Desantes Boosted the General Secretary’s nomination for the presidency for 2024, Fox News contributor Joe Concha saidAmerica Reports” Thursday.

CBS Releases New Statement In Support of DESANTIS Report, Once Again Fails to Defend ‘Pay to Run’ Narrative

Joe Concha: Very interestingly, John, they say that’s why CBS and Walgreen didn’t include when Ron DeSantes spoke about it in a subtle manner about why they are, in their case, treating long-term care facilities. Then, Ron DeSantes and Florida officials turned to other pharmaceutical companies like Publix, which are ubiquitous, like Florida’s palm trees, to get them to the rest of the elderly. This is why DeSantis full of commentaries is included rather than excluded.

But look, the bottom line here is that the takeaway a lot of people got from this particular piece was, was that a pay-to-play plan between Publix and Ron DeSantis? Well some fact checkers are weighing in now, John. Poynter says, quote, “There really isn’t there. Keep saying it doesn’t look as though DeSantis did anything wrong. If that happened, 60 Minutes failed to provide enough information, context, or evidence that he did. It weighs too. They concluded that CBS could be guilty of disingenuous amendment. Put on top the fact that Democrats in the state and again, John, are covering the news every day. Have we ever seen a more polarizing time in this country to see Democrats jump down the aisle To defend Ron DeSantis, who could be the 47th president of the United States if he gets the candidate for the Republican side in 2024. Defend him at this point.

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