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    Brett Davis / Associated Press

    2021 NBA The deadline for the trade is now less than two months, although four great teams James Harden The trade has already caused ripples across the league.

    Harden’s joining the Brooklyn Nets means that the other title contenders may now be pressured to upgrade their rosters as the Nets themselves look to rebuild some depth.

    Bradley Bell It became the must-watch name as the league’s leading goalscorer is being wasted at 3-9 Washington Wizards. However, it is a far cry from the only big name that can be passed on.

    With activity already underway, here are some additional parameters to look for as the deadline approaches.

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    Tony Degac / Associated Press

    Pairing With James Harden Kevin Durant And the Keri Irving It looks like a cheat code in the attack, although stripping the team of Jarrett Allen, Torian Prince, and Caris Levert severely damaged Brooklyn’s defense and depth.

    Since trading for Harden, Nets a Defensive classification Out of 119.2, which is the next to last place in the NBA during that period.

    While one of those encounters was against the mighty Milwaukee Bucks, the Nets dropped two matches to the Cleveland Cavaliers (who was missing Kevin Love), conceded 124 points to the Miami Heat without Jimmy Butler or Tyler Herro and allowed Nikola Vucevic of the Orlando Magic to light them 34 points Its repayment is 63.6 percent.

    Starting position DeAndre Jordan (5.8 points and 6.8 rebounds per match) has not been that effective for nearly a decade and will be destroyed if called upon to defend Joel Embiid, Bam Adebayo, or Giannis Antetokounmpo in a tiebreaker.

    Networks cannot trade a choice from the first round of the following eight drafts, which means they are limited by opportunities for promotion.

    But JaVale McGee is an option. The 33-year-old has an average age of 8.2 points, 6.2 rebounds and 1.1 blocks in just 16.8 minutes per game for the Cavaliers but knocked out the spin behind Andre Drummond and Allen.

    The nets were awarded a $ 5.7 million excluding a disabled player Who tore Spencer Dinwiddie at the end of the season in the ACL, and they can use it to absorb McGee’s $ 4.2 million salary. Sam friend FortyEightMinutes reports that the Nets and the Cavs have already met twice to discuss a deal for the big guy.

    Brooklyn can also use its exception to trade associate veteran centers such as Ed Davis, Nerlens Noel, or Bismack Biyombo.

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    Eric Jay / Associated Press

    With the Houston Rockets in the middle of a complete makeover, PJ Tucker is likely the next veteran to walk out the door.

    Houston was in no hurry to swap the 35-year-old, however, even offering him a contract extension, according to The Athletic’s. Kelly Eko and Sam Ameek. They also noted that “the teams have already made a number of phone calls to Houston about the potential acquisition of Tucker.”

    Three-dimensional power forward With an expired $ 8 million contract He must be one of the easiest warriors in the league to move. He has played a major role in playoff teams in Houston and Toronto over the past five years, being able to start as a senior outreach party or serve as a back-up.

    Since Tucker refused to sign any extension offered by Houston, trade appears to be inevitable.

    Minnesota Timber Wolves maintained a “connection” with the Rockets team about Tucker, according to Athletic magazine John Krauchinsky. While they needed to power forward, they also died in the West with a score of 4–11. Giving up anything of value to Tucker as the season wanes seems questionable.

    Expect a competitor to end up winning the Tucker sweepstakes instead.

    The Boston Celtics needed true strength forward for years. Brooklyn Nets, Portland Trail Blazers, and Denver Nuggets all need defensive assistance, too.

    With Russell Westbrook And James Harden outside Houston, we expect to be the next Tucker.

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    Rick Scotiere / Associated Press

    The Mavericks is good enough for a deep playoff tour now but it should be Carefully Free agent category monitoring 2021.

    With Kristaps Porzingis on the max deal and Luka Doncic eligible to sign his own extension this off-season, it could be the last chance for Mavs to make a big leap in the free agency this summer.

    While some of the best potential free agents have already signed extensions that pushed them off the table, plenty of talent will still be available. Victor Oladipo, Demar DeRozan, John Collins, Laurie Markanen, Kyle Lowry, and Andre Drummond will all be free agents, and each of them can help create the Big Three in Dallas.

    However, it’s not guaranteed that the Mavericks will have room for a maximum salary yet.

    Josh Richardson holds a $ 11.6 million player option, and Mavericks can choose if they want to pay Willie Cauley-Stein $ 4.1 million next season.

    Dallas should be looking for list upgrades now with some extra pay from books for 2021-22.

    Drummond on an expired $ 28.8 million deal that should be available after the Cleveland Cavaliers traded with Jarrett Allen. Mavs could build a deal around James Johnson and Dwight Powell, thereby removing the remaining two years for the latter and $ 22.8 million. Fair Dallas 24 in recoil This season (48.4 bounce), Drummond nearly leads the NBA in glass cleaning for the fourth consecutive season.

    Otto Porter Jr. ($ 28.5 Million) and Lamarcus Aldridge ($ 24.0M) It could also act as lashes on expired deals now able to help.

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    Charles Rex Arpogast / Associated Press

    While a handful of young players (Jason Tatum, Donovan Mitchell, Pam Adebayo, De Aaron Fox, OJ Anunobi, etc.) avoided the free agency by signing extensions before the season, other young stars failed to reach an agreement with their current clubs .

    John Collins, Laurie Markanen and Lonzo Ball will now be chained free agents over the summer, leaving their futures with their current teams in doubt.

    Jarrett Allen was another player in the Class of 2017 and has not been extended. By not signing any additional contract with the Brooklyn Nets, he was eligible to trade as part of James Harden’s deal and almost certainly will return to the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Nets had already entered into luxury taxes, so Allen’s new deal would have put even greater financial pressure on the franchise.

    The difference in money is likely the reason that Collins, Markanin, and Paul don’t slash into long-term deals either. It may also be the reason that at least one of them traded before the deadline.

    John Collins wanted to get the most money from the Atlanta Hawks, but he only got an offer of over $ 90 million per ESPN Brian Windhurst. The Chicago Bulls and Markanin were separated by roughly $ 4 million in initial salary figures, each KC Johnson By NBC Sports Chicago. Perhaps the ball should have taken whatever reasonable offer the New Orleans Pelicans gave him given his significant drop in play from last season.

    While Paul and Marcainen may still be transferred, Collins appears to be the most likely candidate.

    As a big group, Collins faces the crowded Hawks Arena with Clint Capella, Danilo Galinari, Onica Okongo and Dee Andre Hunter, who overtakes Collins as the second-team scorer behind Tri Young.

    Since Hawks might need to give the 23-year-old a max deal or lose him for nothing this season, expect him to trade – and maybe Markkanen or Ball too.

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    Andy Clayton King / Associated Press

    Record 6-9 to start the season, the Miami Heat near the bottom of the Eastern Conference, in large part due to injuries and players losing matches due to health and safety protocols related to COVID-19.

    Although still relatively early on, the East is tougher than the version that ended up with Miami at the head of the last campaign.

    The Philadelphia 76ers starting at 12-5 beginning to lead the convention, the Brooklyn Nets could now have the best attacking in the NBA with James Harden, and the Milwaukee Bucks should be a better fit for post-season with Jrue Holiday on board.

    Miami must feel pressured to do something, and a trade with Bradley Bell will be the ultimate response.

    The Miami Herald‘s Barry Jackson He noted that Hit had a “high” level of interest in trading in favor of Bill if Washington Wizards 3-9 allowed him.

    While Jimmy Butler and Pam Adebayo will be off the table, a deal centered around Tyler Hero, Duncan Robinson and first-round tours in 2025 and 2027 will be enough to capture Washington’s interest. Miami must do their best to win the title, especially since the 31-year-old Butler had a lot of miles early in his career while playing under Tom Thibodo at the Chicago Bulls.

    The Wizards wouldn’t want to trade Beal, but the 27-year-old can definitely ask his way around. With a 21-year-old star likely at the table in Herro, they could make a good return for their established superstar.

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