10 Ideas Left After Trade Eagles Carson Wentz

10 Ideas Left After Trade Eagles Carson Wentz

The Eagles finally replaced Carson Wentz on Thursday with several draft picks, ending a unique chapter in the team’s history.

The deal won’t become official until March 17th, when the new league year kicks in, but once it does, Wentz will be the Colt, and the Eagles will finally move from a relationship that has seen incredible heights and unimaginable lows.

Here are 10 thoughts I left for the next day:

1. When there is a trade like this, people really yearn to judge it and score. This is not that easy here. In the short term, the Eagles have performed well. They will never get their ridiculously high initial order price, but taking back a two-player pick-me-up that everyone knows they need to trade is a fair compensation. They’ve got a third driver this year and either a second round or a first round next year. I think they are more likely to end up getting first. So one and three in a situation where they didn’t have much leverage or team shows, is more than fair.

But in the long run, this is clearly a disaster and an embarrassing failure for Hui Rosman and the entire organization. They were able to salvage some kind of payoff in the trade but that doesn’t hide the total failure. It wasn’t like they were wearing party hats and celebrating at the NovaCare Mall on Thursday. This is a disappointment and they are largely responsible.

2. Conditional choice in this trade creates a strange rooting scenario for the masses. Player 2 in 2022 becomes first if Wentz plays 75% of Colts’ attack shots or if he plays 70% and plays playoffs.

So, it’s not as easy as rooting for or against Wentz in 2021. Eagles fans will have to keep him healthy and play well enough to stay on the field but badly enough that if he becomes the first choice, he won’t be there. Twenties.

My guess is that this is what happens in the end. Wentz would play well, Colts would participate in the qualifiers and would leave the Eagles with a pick in the 21-25 range.

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3. I think Wentz would be successful at Indy, but the reason Colts didn’t have to give up more for him was because this is a drop. Will he return to his form in 2017 and win the best player award? Probably not. But I expect him to return to the level he reached in 2018 and 2019, when he was still good.

In Indianapolis, he will have a head coach and play the caller Frank Reich who will trust him. Reich and Wentz have a strong bond and if anyone can get Wentz back on the right track, it’s Reich. Not to mention, the Colts have a good line of attack, some decent weapons and a lot of room to boost the list that just moved 11-5 in 2020.

Now, it would obviously be stinging for the Vultures to watch Wentz make a hit elsewhere, and they would regret that things got so bad that they needed to trade Wentz, but they really can’t regret making the deal. Because Wentz wanted to change the landscape and the Eagles really didn’t have a choice; They had to deal with it.

4. A source said that Wintz had stayed civil with the Eagles throughout the process, but that he clearly wanted to move from Philadelphia. He and the Eagles had gone through a lot during the five years they spent together and wanted to leave that baggage here and make a fresh start.

I was told that Wintz did not claim to go to Indianapolis and that the Eagles would not lose any compensation for giving Wintz what he wanted anyway. But let’s be honest: if the bears think Wentz doesn’t want to be there, they won’t give up important choices and stick around. This has really left only one destination on the table.

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5. How did we get here?

That really is the big question. There is no simple answer, and one person cannot be blamed. And honestly, we might never know the full story. But it’s not every Wintz’s fault, it’s not all Rosman’s fault, it’s not all that Doug Pederson’s fault. When there is a failure of this magnitude, it is in fact all of the above. Everyone deserves their fair share of blame for their role in the deteriorating relationship between franchise QB and the team.

I am still back to choosing Jalen Hurts. Not the only reason we ended up here, but it definitely didn’t help. What an absolute failure on the part of the Eagles to misunderstand Wintz’s mindset and how he might respond to that choice. It’s not Aaron Rodgers. This situation is different. But don’t let Wentz off the hook either. On a certain level, it stiffens and competes. Failures from both sides there and in other areas.

Else: We hear all the reports about Wintz’s sometimes annoying persona, his stubbornness, etc.That’s his own. But the Eagles created an atmosphere in which they let Wentz and made him feel he deserved.

6. I hear all the time that the Eagles won the Super Bowl without Carson Wentz. No.

Let’s be clear: The Eagles don’t win the Super Bowl title in 2017 without Wintz.

This doesn’t take away what Nick Falls did and who knows if Wintz was able to play well enough to win the big match. But Wentz made the Eagles from the start 11-2 and boosted their impressive top-rated gameplay, giving them the Homefield advantage with which they rode to Super Bowl LII.

7. I don’t know if the Eagles will collect another quarterback in the first round but I know they will at least think about it. A source said they are keeping all of their options open, meaning at least that they weren’t completely sold out in the future with Hurts as the midfielder. And if you’re not sold out in full …

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Eagles owe them at least to themselves to do their homework on these mediators. Not sure what they will get, but if they fall in love with Justin Fields, Tree Lance, or Zach Wilson, they should consider putting him in sixth. And if they are willing to take the midfielder in 6, they must be prepared to lift a few picks to ensure they get it.

8. The choice of Hurts still baffles me. It just wasn’t good when they did it last April and now that the entire organization is blown up, it looks worse.

9. With all that said, I really hope the Eagles give Hurts a chance to be the man. They liked him enough to enlist him in the second round and last year showed enough to be interesting at least in 2021. Sure, there were some big concerns; Its accuracy tops that list.

But Hurts will have a full season this year, and he should have a healthier line of attack, likely have better weapons and a new head coach who will have months to design an attack around his strengths. I don’t know how good Hurts is and I don’t think its cap is as high as Wentz yet, but I am keen to see what it can do.

10. It’s up to Roseman to fix this team. If you weren’t overly confident in GM’s Eagle, I would understand. But it doesn’t look like he’s going to be fired anytime soon. Eagles have had 10 draft selections in the past year and they will have at least nine selections in 2021. That’s a lot of lottery tickets. The vultures just have to start hitting them more.

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